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Chalmers University of Technology
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Microtechnology and nanoscience are two of Chalmers Foundation’s priority areas. The Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2) is the core of this investment and we engage in research and give courses with the emphasis on the electronics and photonics of the future.

We are continuing along the line of development which has so far given us computers, mobile phones, CD and mp3 players and fixed telephony by means of optical signals via glass fibres.

Research at MC2 covers a large number of sub-areas within this broad scope. Major projects, both experimental and theoretical, involve studies of materials, components and sub-systems for future applications in nano and microelectronics. Microwave electronics, quantum components, photonics, micro and nanosystems, superconducting components and circuits, and molecular electronics are just a few areas of research.


The most important facility for research students at MC2, and also for those in research teams at Applied Physics, Chemical and Biological Engineering, and Radio and Space Science, is the micro and nanofabrication laboratory, the “clean room”, at Chalmers. This is one of the world’s foremost university laboratories for microtechnological processes.

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