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Oregon State University (OSU)
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Corvallis Oregon
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OSU's is offering a Nanotechnology Process Option, developed in partnership with Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI), Oregon's first "Signature Research Center". ONAMI is researching nanoscale metrology, transparent and printed electronics, green nanoscience and nanomanufacturing, materials characterization, bulk microfluidics for energy/chemical and medical devices, process intensification and microfabrication.

ONAMI leadership will facilitate input on the content of the new courses, be a resource for guest lecturers, and assist in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the new courses in achieving their learning outcomes.

Further, OSU's new Nanotechnology Processes Option in the undergraduate chemical engineering program allows students both to develop an in-depth understanding of how the core skills of the ChE discipline can be applied towards manufacturing of nanotechnology based products as well as to provide them with multidisciplinary experiences. The option will contain six courses, five required courses and an elective. There are two entirely new sophomore level courses which will lead into three upper division courses already in place. This duality (Breadth plus Depth Pedagogy) will be reinforced in senior lab (ChE 415) in which they will need to synthesize both aspects in their capstone project, and potentially through their Honors College thesis.

Main areas of OSU research and education include:

  • Semiconductor Processing
  • Materials Science
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Experimental Design for Industrial Processes

Other nano-related disciplines at OSU include:

Material and Energy Balances in Nanotechnology
The Science, Engineering and Social Impact of Nanotechnology
Chemical Engineering Lab
Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering
Thin Film Material Processing
Polymer Engineering and Science
Physical Chemistry of Materials
Surface Chemistry
Electronic Materials and Devices

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