Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)

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Research Institution Engineering Nanotubes Nanomedicine Nanostructures
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3, rue Michel-Ange 75794
City State / Province
Paris cedex 16
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Web Phone
link +33 1 44 96 40 00
+33 1 44 96 53 90

Nanoscience research is carried out in 180 CNRS-affiliated laboratories by some 2000 scientists. Together with the Ministry of Research, CNRS supports five central technology facilities together with a number of smaller local facilities.

This national network, which also involves other research organizations like the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA),2 should encourage a coherent expansion of this field. French laboratories, and CNRS as a whole, are competitive in the fields of nano-objets, nanoelectronics, molecular electronics, and in many aspects of nanotechnology.

These areas should be given continuous support. Of utmost importance are, in particular, original methods for fabrication of nanomaterials as well as applications of nanoscience to biology and medicine, areas where support should be strengthened. For the next several decades, nanoscience is likely to remain a major area of scientific endeavor, mixing basic and applied research, and strongly connected to the high-technology industry. CNRS has, through its structure and resources, a unique opportunity to be an important player in this field at the international level.

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