University of Texas -- Arlington (UTA)

University of Texas -- Arlington (UTA)
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State University Electronics Fabrication Nanostructures Chemistry Nanomedicine
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701 S. Nedderman Drive 76019
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Arlington TX
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The University of Texas at Arlington has multi-disciplined interests in nanosciences. spanning: UTA's Center for Nanostructured Materials (CNM), Automation and Robotics Research Institute, and the UTA College of Engineering's NanoFab Center.

UTA nanoscience focuses include: nanoelectronics, microsensors, optics and photonics. Projects are overseen by UTA's Institute for Nanoscale Science and Engineering Research and Teaching.

UTA’s Institute for Nanoscale Science and Engineering Research and Teaching now acts as a campus-wide umbrella unit to coordinate these evolving activities in nanotechnology research, facilities/equipment, education, and technology transfer at UTA. New research developments in nanoscience and nanotechnology at UTA are supported to commercialization by the Arlington Technology Incubator which is a formal partnership between UTA and the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.

UTA's ARRI directed part of its research strategy to designing MEMS/NEMS/BEMS structures.  

NanoFab is an interdisciplinary resource open to scientists within and outside of the university. Research activities are conducted through mutually-beneficial associations of chemistry, electrical engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering, materials science and physics faculty, graduate students and research assistants at UTA, as well as collaborative efforts with investigators at other universities and in the private sector.

Facilities at UTA include the Center for Nanostructured Materials and the College of Engineering's NanoFab center. The NanoFab lab includes:
  • Cryoelectronics Lab
  • Electronics Characterization Lab
  • Microsensors Lab
  • Noise and Reliability Lab
  • Nanodevices Lab
  • Nonlinear Optics and NanoPhotonics Lab
  • Photonic Devices Lab
  • Wafer Bonding Lab
  • Wet Lab #1
  • Wet Lab #2


Several interdisciplinary groups of physicists, chemists and material scientists at UTA are working in this emerging area of nanoscience and have established the Center for Nanostructured Materials (CNM) at UTA as a means to foster these interdisciplinary collaborations, to share and provide instrumentation and technical assistance, and to train undergraduates and graduate students in the area of nanoscience.

Current key thrust areas and the faculty affiliations at CNM are:
  • Nanocomposite, Nanolayered and Molecular Magnets. (Chemistry)
  • Non-Linear Optical and Photonic Materials Chemistry. (NanoFab Center, EE)
  • Molecular Electronics and Semiconductor Materials. (NanoFab Center, EE)
  • Biological and Biocompatible Materials. (Chemistry, MSE, BME)
  • Molecular Recognition and Self-Assembly. (Chemistry, physics, EE)
  • Catalytically-Active Materials. (Chemistry)

  • 3D Packaging
  • Air Cooling
  • Characterization of Lead Free Alloys
  • Chip Scale Packaging
  • Compact Modeling
  • Computer Aided Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Design
  • Data Center Cooling
  • Refrigeration Cooling
  • Reliability
  • Solder Science
  • Thermoelectrics

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