Chulalongkorn University

Chulalongkorn University
Type Disciplines
Educational and Reseach Institutions Engineering Nanomaterials Nanostructures
Address Postal Code
254 Phyathai Road 10330
City State / Province
Bangkok Patumwan
E-mail Country
Web Phone
link (662) 218-6422

Chulalongkorn University in Thailand has established an undergraduate degree program in nanoengineering. The nanoengineering program aims to produce undergraduates who are knowledgeable in chemical, electrical and materials engineering which are the fundamental building blocks of nanotechnology. Upon graduation, students will be a unique and important human resource pool capable of developing many manufacturing and services industries and taking them to the next level.

  • To provide industries with engineers who have strong science and engineering fundamentals, communication and presentation skills, and collaborative mindsets.
  • To provide industries with engineers who can apply their understanding of sciences, mathematics, engineering and materials to solve industrial problems in a systematic manner typical of scientists and engineers.
  • To put Thailand on the global nanotechnology map.

  1. Serves to educate the students in multiple engineering disciplines; however, students can opt to specialize on certain aspects of nanotechnology.
  2. Emphasizes that students interact and collaborate using English in all communication between and among students and faculties. Once graduated, the students will be ready to work in an international environment in multinational corporations or to continue higher education overseas.
  3. Meets the needs of Thailand in providing engineers who can apply nanotechnology to better the lives of the majority of Thai people who remain in the agricultural sector.

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