Chungnam National University (CNU)

Chungnam National University (CNU)
Type Disciplines
Research Institution Engineering Composites Nanomaterials
Address Postal Code
220 Gung-Dong 305-764
City State / Province
Yuseong-gu Daejeon
E-mail Country
Republic of Korea
Web Phone

Chungnam National University (Republic of Korea) has established the Nano and New Materials Engineering Institute, the only nano-specialized institute in the nation.

It has received $12 million from the government for research. With its educational philosophy of creativeness, development, and service, Chungnam National University tries its best in various academic fields to become one of the top 100 universities in the world.
  • CNU has made major contributions by sharing its technology
  • The Nano-Field University Association in the Central Region has been organized.
  • CNU has built a public and civil technology-transferring consortium in which 14 public and civil organizations participate.
  • Selected as the first organization for "technology-transferring support" among the universities in Korea, CNU has worked actively for technological transfer and support to industry.
  • Research Center for Advanced Magnetic Materials and New Materials Research Institute, selected as the excellent research center and Research Support Institute, has received US $12 million (15 billion won) from the government for its researches.

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