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Nanotechnology by its nature is interdisciplinary, and chemists, physicists, biologists, and engineers all have roles to play in the development and implementation of nanotechnology. The University of Florida has identified several strength areas in nano technology.

The first of these is nanostructured materials, which includes both new composite materials as well as electronic and optical materials. Biomimetics is developing biologically inspired technologies, and ranges from materials that work as an artificial eyelid to neural inspired computing models. The nano-bio interface focuses on developing nanotechnologies that are interactive with the biological world for sensing, gene identification, or drug delivery applications.


  • Producing magnetic particles at the nanometer scale and to integrate those with 2DES devices in order to study their effect on the physical properties of the devices.
  • Developing methods to produce arrays of small magnetic elements using parallel processing rather than the serial methods presently employed.
  • Probes of Protein Folding (Steve Hagen): The mechanism by which proteins fold is still largely a mystery. This problem has taken on increasing importance because now there are diseases that have clearly been linked to errors in the protein folding mechanism.

The University of Florida is the oldest, largest and most comprehensive institution in the state. This university established programs in international studies, as well as research and service.

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