Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

Georgia Institute of Technology     (Georgia Tech)
Type Disciplines
Research Institution Chemistry Composites Engineering Fabrication Nanobiology Nanomaterials Physics
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225 North Avenue, NW 30332
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Atlanta GA
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link 404-894-5223

Georgia Tech is one of the world leaders in nanoscience and nanotechnology research and design. More than one hundred faculty members at Tech are already involved in nanoscience and nanotechnology research projects, and their numbers are growing.

Georgia Tech ranks third in the nation for the number of nanotechnology researchers that are “highly cited’ in peer-reviewed publications, and in the top 10 for the number of first authors publishing in such journals. Tech is also among the nation’s top 25 institutions for National Science Foundation nanotechnology support.

Areas of Interest:
The College of Engineering

The College of Sciences

Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (See Related Content)
Recent research is focused on the fundamental science in the physical and chemical processes in nanomaterials growth, unique properties of nanosystems, novel in-situ measurement techniques, and new applications of nano-scale objects, and also hold an interest in the integration of nanomaterials with microsystems and self-assembly of nanostructures.

At Georgia Tech, the Schools of Chemistry, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and Physics, and the Georgia Tech Research Institute are collectively involved in interdisciplinary research in nanoscience and nanotechnology that encompass five major areas.
  1. Synthesis and Characteristics of Nanomaterials
  2. Properties of Nanomaterials
  3. Nanoscale Modeling and Simulation
  4. Nanodevices, Nanophotonics, and Nanosystems
  5. Nanomedicine and Nano-biotechnology

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