University of Wollongong

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Educational and Reseach Institutions Chemistry Engineering Nanotubes Nanoparticles Physics
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Sydney New South Wales
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link Australia: 1300 367 869 ----- International: +61 2 4221 3218

Australia's University of Wollongong, just an hour from of Sydney, offers a four-year interdisclipinary degree in nanotechnology with an emphasis on hands-on research.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Nanotechnology is a joint offering from the faculties of engineering and science to encompass the fields of chemistry, physics, and materials engineering. The degree targets the emerging field of nanomaterials, molecular machines and nanoscience.

There are a total of five elective subjects giving students scope to match the course to their interests while retaining a core focus on molecular design and characterization of materials at the nanodimension. The course includes four specially designed subjects that will be mainly research-oriented and combined lectures, laboratory and project work. This will give students from first year onwards a taste of where leading research in nanotechnology is heading.


The University of Wollongong and the NANO-Major National Research Facility (MNRF) reached agreement in 2005 making the university an Additional Node of the NANO-MNRF. NANO-MNRF ( operates as an unincorporated joint venture between the University of Sydney, the University of Queensland, the University of New South Wales, the University of Western Australia, and the University of Melbourne. It receives funding from the Commonwealth and state governments as well as industry.

NANO unites major Australian microscopy and microanalysis centers to form an integrated research facility that brings together outstanding equipment and research expertise. It provides the peak Australian facility for the characterization of physical, chemical and biological materials from the macro to the micro and down to the nanoscale.

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