Malsch TechnoValuation

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Corporation Nanomaterials
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PO Box 455 NL-3500 AL Utrecht; The Netherlands
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The Netherlands
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Malsch TechnoValuation is a Technology Policy Advisor and Science Communicator, specialising in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies in their societal context.

The company started operations in 1999 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and has since contributed to numerous European and Dutch projects, reports, books, websites, articles and workshops. Currently, Malsch TechnoValuation is participating in the new EU project EuroIndianet, aiming to stimulate nano-collaborations between Europe and India. NanoroadSME, has ended successfully and the roadmaps on Nanomaterials for Health, Energy, Automotive and Aerospace applications and other documents can be downloaded for free. Malsch TechnoValuation continues participating in Nanoforum,, presenting anything you would like to know on nano in Europe. Another EU project, Nanoforumeula will soon start stimulating Euro-Latin American nanocollaborations.

Entrepreneur Ineke Malsch (1966) is ready to explain the development and future prospects of nanosciences and nanotechnologies in Europe and elsewhere to policy makers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders through lectures, reports or publications. She has been following the emergence of and debates surrounding nanotechnology in Europe since 1995 with a scholarship at the European Parliament’s Scientific and Technological Options Assessment unit, a fellowship at the EU Joint Research Centre’s Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, and as director of Malsch TechnoValuation since 1999.

Ineke Malsch has built up an in-depth understanding of the technical opportunities as well as related societal implications and concerns. She combines a first academic degree in Physics with further training in macro-economics, environmental impact assessment, social studies of science and technology and theology. Since 2005, she is preparing an external part time PhD thesis on ethics and nanotechnology under the guidance of Prof. Dr. J-P. Wils of Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. She has edited a volume on “Biomedical Nanotechnology” published by CRC press in Boca Raton, USA in 2005, among much else.

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