Nanochemistry Research Institute at Curtin University of Technology

Nanochemistry Research Institute at Curtin University of Technology
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Nanochemistry is a new discipline concerned with the unique properties associated with assemblies of atoms or molecules on a scale between that of the individual building blocks and the bulk material. At this level, quantum effects can be significant, and also innovative ways of carrying out chemical reactions become possible.

Nanochemistry Research Institute

The Nanochemistry Research Institute (NRI) at Curtin University of Technology was founded by Professor Gordon Parkinson, and is currently headed by a directorate of Professors Julian Gale, Kate Wright and Associate Professor Mark Ogden. It is comprised of academic staff members, postdoctoral fellows, as well as PhD, Honours and 3rd project students. The research undertaken by the group ranges from government-funded fundamental research to confidential one-on-one industrial projects. The NRI is also part of the West Australian Nanochemistry Institute (WANRI) that comprises groups from Curtin University, Murdoch University and the University of Western Australia.

The Research Institute is the highest level of recognition of research excellence within Curtin University, and there are currently six operational. Both nanotechnology and biotechnology are highly topical areas, nationally and internationally, and nanochemistry forms a bridge between the two (ie, it spans physical and life sciences). During the past decade, Curtin has built the expertise and techniques in areas (such as crystallization and materials characterisation) that naturally lead into a substantial nanochemistry capability. It is thus timely to establish a Research Institute as a vehicle for focussing on strategic areas of research within nanochemistry in order both to enhance the reputation for research excellence, and also to bring the research to commercial fruition.

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