SAIF: Panjab University

SAIF:  Panjab University
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Research Institution Electronics Engineering Nanomaterials
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Panjab University Chandigarh - 160 014 India
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link 91 172 253 4046
91 172 254 1409

SAIF, (Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Facility) at Panjab University undertakes the design, fabrication and repair of electronic instruments required by students and teachers from the University and the colleges around. Sophisticated analytical instruments are vital for pursuing research in many areas of modern science and technology. Many institutions in the country do not have such instruments. These instruments are expensive and cannot be provided through individual project mechanism.

Moreover, these instruments are of inter/multidisciplinary utility and thus it is desirable to use them on sharing basis for their optimum utilization. Considering these aspects, the Department of Science & Technology (DST) has set up Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facilities (SAIFs) in different parts of the country under its Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facilities Programme to provide the facilities of sophisticated analytical instruments to the research workers in general and specially from the institutions which do not have access to such instruments to enable them to pursue R&D activities requiring such facilities and keep pace with developments taking place globally. The instrument facilities provided by the SAIFs are being utilised by 8,000 users every year from academic institutions, R&D laboratories and industries from all over the country.

SAIF Disciplines
The SAIF networks focus on Instrumentation, Microelectronics, and Nanosciences & NanoTechnology facilities and support.

The SAIFs are equipped with sophisticated analytical instruments in the areas of Optical spectroscopy, NMR and EPR spectroscopy, X-ray based analysis, Electron microscopy, Mass spectrometry, Chromatography, Organic elemental analysis, Thermal analysis etc. to meet the needs of users in various areas of science & technology. A wide range of analytical methods/techniques for chemical/material analysis/ testing/characterization including qualitative and quantitative elemental, molecular/compound analysis, structure determination, surface topographic studies, study of physical, optical and electrical properties of materials etc. are available to the users at these Facilities for helping them in their research work

SAIF Objectives

  1. o carry out analysis of samples received from the scientists/institutes;
  2. to provide facilities of sophisticated analytical instruments to scientists and other users from academic institutes, R&D laboratories and industries to enable them to carry out measurements for R&D work;
  3. to acquire and develop capability for preventive maintenance and repair of sophisticated instruments;
  4. to organize short term courses/workshops on the use and application of various instruments and analytical techniques;
  5. to train technicians for maintenance and operation of sophisticated instruments; and
  6. to undertake design and development of instruments/accessories of existing instruments

SAIF Network Locations
As of late 2006, SAIFs are functioning at IIT, Chennai; IIT, Mumbai; Bose Institute, Kolkata; CDRI, Lucknow; Panjab University, Chandigarh; NEHU, Shillong; Nagpur University, Nagpur; IISc., Bangalore; AIIMS, New Delhi; Gauhati University, Guwahati; IIT, Roorkee; C.V.M., Vallabh Vidyanagar and STIC, Kochi

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