Syracuse University

Syracuse University
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Private University Chemistry Composites Modeling
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City State / Province
Syracuse NY
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link 315-443-2925

Syracuse University's research interests touch on a number of areas of interest to nanoscale organic and inorganic materials scientists.

Key Interest Areas
including design of radiopharmaceuticals; study of the mechanisms of action of metals and metal ions in bioorganisms; the development of precursors for the chemical vapor deposition of metallic layers for the electronics industry; assembly of nanoparticles for drug delivery and biological imaging; and a variety of single-atom manipulation techniques and the versatile chemistry of main group elements with application in catalysis and the design of f element complexes for luminescence applications.

Facilities and Resources
Syracuse University's facilities include the latest research equipment, including an ultrafast laser laboratory, several high-resolution spectrophotometers and fluorimeters, differential scanning calorimetry, thermo-gravimetric analysis, electrochemical analyzers, HPLC systems, circular dichroism, IR and Raman spectrometers, as well as GC-MS and LC-MS. We also have access to transmission and scanning electron microscopes on campus.

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