University of Birmingham: Collaborative Research Network in Nanotechnology

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Edgbaston Birmingham
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Birmingham University was an early player in Nanotechnology, and the field has become extremely competitive since the late 1990’s, both in the UK and worldwide.

Nanotechnology has been identified in the University Research Strategy as one of four key enabling technologies. Birmingham is a world class player in three areas of nanotechnology.

1. Nanoscience

2. Micro- and nano- fabrication

3. Micro- and nano- particles

These areas are the three pillars of Nanotechnology at Birmingham. Considerable progress has recently been made in linking them together under the umbrella of the I2N Nanotechnology Centre (Interdisciplinary Innovation Centre for Nanotechnology), originally launched in 2001. A notable strength of the Birmingham activity is the connection to industry, evident in collaborative research in all three research areas, as well as a developing link to the Regional Innovation Strategy (AWM and the Central Technology Belt). Thus, Birmingham is well positioned to form a node in the national Micro and Nano Technology network to be established by the DTI.

Other, smaller areas of nanotechnology research at Birmingham cross the whole range of disciplines and include, for example, nanostructured materials, nanoscale analysis, biomaterials, supramolecular chemistry, and nanotribology.

Relationship between The I2N Nanotechnology Centre (I2N) and the
Collaborative Research Network in Nanotechnology (CRNNT)

I2N is a virtual centre on the Birmingham University Campus comprising the various research laboratories that carry out research in nanoscience and nanotechnology. The CRNNT is the vehicle by which the individual laboratories comprising the I2N communicate and interact.

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