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The term nanofabrication implies the creation of artefacts whose scale is in the nano domain. Fabrication is a term borrowed from macro engineering in which bridges, ships and complex structures are designed, materials of the correct properties are pre-shaped, and the subcomponents assembled to create a finished piece.

Chapter 12: Nanofabrication
Nanostructure control of materials

The microelectronics industry uses fabrication to describe the creation of complex, highly integrated circuits.Fabrication therefore describes a sequence of processes and operations that are performed in order to fashion discrete artefacts or devices from raw materials.

The maturity in the understanding and further development of this technology in the past decade has led to the distinct classification of the processing approaches as top-down or bottom-up.

Top-down approach is exemplified by conventional microelectronic processing technologies, while bottom-up approach is uniquely associated with the rapidly growing suite of alternative nanofabrication methods.