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Quantum Engineering

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Where the top-down disciplines (engineering) meet the bottom-up disciplines (such as physics), there is a metamorphosis: engineering nanotechnology . [At the semiconductor level is where] chemical and biological effects take precedence over engineering. At this interface size and shape are determined by chemical structure and not by machining! In effect, at this point, the shape and the size become “quantized,” and are an example of what could be called quantum engineering.

Chapter 9: Summary and conclusions
Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology
Whitehouse, David J.

Roughness has no meaning at this scale; molecules and atoms and clusters have no roughness in the traditional sense. What they do have are defects and unequal distributions and positions of the components such as nanotubes. It may well be that roughness in the traditional sense will be overshadowed by surface patterns in which height is constant and transverse structure matched to a design requirement is more relevant.