Marwan Al. Haik Ph.D.

Al. Haik, Marwan
Position Department / Business Unit
Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering
Institution Disciplines
University of New Mexico Engineering
City State / Provence
Albuquerque New Mexico
Country Website
United States link
1. Research Interests


Processing of Nanotube/Polymer Composites, Magnetic Annealing of Engineering Materials, Drug Delivery and Biomaterials, Residual Stress Development in Super Alloys, Durability of Polymeric Composites, Nanoindentation of Thin Films, Thermomechanical Analysis of Polymers, Light and Electron Microscopy and Mechanical Testing.


Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Nanoscale Phenomena, Statistical Continuum Mechanics of Heterogeneous Media, Constitutive Modeling of Viscoplasticity, Numerical Optimization, Neural Networks Applications in Materials Science, Parameters Identification of Dynamic Systems, and Kalman Filtering.

2. Research Highlights

• Design, testing and simulation of polymeric nanocomposites for enhanced electromagnetic and high energy particles radiation shielding.

• The alignment of single wall carbon nanotubes in a bulk composite in high magnetic fields.

• Simulation of the reorientation of carbon nanotubes under external fields using large-scale molecular dynamics simulation.

• Significantly enhancing the thermal and electrical transport properties of single wall carbon nanotube-polymer composites by magnetic annealing.

• Investigating the effect of the chirality on the interfacial properties of carbon nanotube-polyethylene systems based on the molecular dynamics simulations.

• Implementing neural networks paradigms to capture the heterogeneity of composites.

• Introducing neural networks with truncated Newton based optimization to simulate the viscoplastic behavior of polymeric composites.

• Proposing processing path and numerical models to reduce residual stresses during the fabrication of Gamma Titanium based composites.

Proving the equivalence of the extended Kalman filter and the information filter.

3. Research Projects

1. Role: Investigator

Agency: National Science Foundation, NSF Grant # DMR-9982872

Proposal Title: Collaborative to Integrate Material Science and Engineering Research and Education

Principal Investigator: Hamid Garmestani FSU-Mech. Eng.

Funding/Duration: $1,551,000/3yrs, 1999-2002

2. Role: Investigator

Agency: Department of Transportation

Proposal Title: High Temperature Investigation of structural Composites

Principal Investigator: Hamid Garmestani FSU-Mech. Eng.

Funding/Duration: $50,000/ 2years 1998-1999.


Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering/ Mechanics and Materials), Florida State University, 2002; M.S. (Mechanical Engineering/Dynamics & Controls), Florida State University, 1997; B.S. (Mechanical Engineering/Applied Mechanics), University of Jordan, 1993

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