Enrique V. Barrera Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Institution Disciplines
Rice Quantum Institute Chemistry
City State / Provence
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Research Areas: Materials Science and Engineering, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Materials Processing, Materials Chemistry, and Structure Property Relations


B.S. (1979) University of Texas, M.S. (1984) University of Texas, Ph.D. (1987) University of Texas

Important Articles

K. Lozano, A. Gaspar-Rosas, and E. V. Barrera "Rheological Examination of C60 in Low Density Solutions." Carbon, 40/3 (2002): 271-276.

M. L. Shofner, K. Lozano, F. J. Rodriguez-Macias, and E. V. Barrera "Nanofiber Reinforced Polymers Prepared by Fused Deposition Modeling." Journal of Applied Polymer Science (2002).(In Revision)

P. Cortes, K. Lozano, E. V. Barrera, and J. Bonilla-Rios "Effects of Nanofiber Treatments on the Properties of Vapor Grown Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites." Journal of Applied Polymer Science (2002).(In Revision)

Books F. D. S. Marquis, N. N. Thadhani and E. V. Barrera, edts. "Powder Materials: Current Research and Industrial Practices." .

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