Mark J. Biggs Ph.D.

Biggs, Mark J.
Position Department / Business Unit
Senior Lecturer Chemical Engineering Science
Institution Disciplines
University of Edinburgh Engineering Chemistry
City State / Provence
Country Website
United Kingdom link
+44 (0)131 6506551

Dr. Biggs' research is primarily focused on the development of computational and mathematical tools that allow us to study complex multiscale systems both to improve fundamental understanding and to provide a basis for the identification and parameterization of sub and closure models for such systems. It is hoped that these efforts will allow greater innovation in the design process whilst reducing cost and time-to-market.


Molecular, mesoscale and multiscale modeling
At molecular level: molecular dynamics, Monte-Carlo and genetic algorithms
At mesoscale level: lattice-gas automata and smoothed-particle hydrodynamics
Fluids in porous media: Adsorption, deposition, transport and reaction
Multiphase flows: Fluid-solid, liquid-liquid & gas-liquid dispersions and bulk solids
Nanoporous carbons: Structure, modelling and fluid behaviour within them
Coal combustion: Single particle models and phenomena
Smart molecules: de novo design
Dissolved air flotation: CFD models and fluid dynamics
Pulsed corona discharge reactors: Mesoscale modelling and phenomena

Other Information

Co-editor of chemical engineering@edinburgh (available under Alumni News here).
Co-editor of chemical engineering@edinburgh WWW site.
headstart@edinburgh focus course coordinator
Convenor of IMP seminar series
Non-professorial member, Division of Engineering & Electronics Policy Committee.
Schools Liasion Officer.


PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Adelaide, Australia, 1995. ; BEng in Mechanical Engineering (First Class), University of NSW, Australia, 1987.

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