Christophe Chassenieux Ph.D.

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University of Lemans Nanostructures
City State / Provence
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02 43 83 33 15
I am interested in controlling the associations of polymers in solution in order to elaborate nanostructured macromolecular assemblies. My main objective is to be able to generate original macroscopic properties such as rheological ones (yield stress, shear-thickening, thermo-thickening …) by designing, synthesizing and characterizing new macromolecules. My experimental approach is based on multiscale studies to gather a clear image of these systems at different time and length scales thanks to NMR, Scattering Techniques, Microscopy and Rheology.

Important Articles

Cadix, A., Chassenieux, C.; Lafuma, F.; Lequeux, F.; Control of the Reversible Shear Induced Gelation of Amphiphilic Polymers through their Chemical Structure. Macromolecules, 2005. 38 (2): p. 527-536.

Burguiere, C., C. Chassenieux, and B. Charleux, Characterization of aqueous micellar solutions of amphiphilic block copolymers of poly(acrylic acid) and polystyrene prepared via ATRP. Toward the control of the number of particles in emulsion polymerization. Polymer, 2003. 44 (3): p. 509-518.

Chassenieux, C., Fundin, J., Ducouret, G., Iliopoulos, I. , Amphiphilic copolymers of styrene with a surfactant-like comonomer: gel formation in aqueous solution. Journal of Molecular Structure, 2000. 554 (1): p. 99-108.

Chassenieux, C., T. Nicolai, and D. Durand, Association of hydrophobically end-capped poly(ethylene oxide). Macromolecules, 1997. 30 (17): p. 4952-4958.

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