Ying Chen

Position Department / Business Unit
Ph.D. Student
Institution Disciplines
ANU Electronics Engineering
City State / Provence
Canberra ACT
Country Website
Australia link
+61 2 6230 6121
Research Interests

Ms. Chen’s research interests are mainly around OFDM systems including digital signal processing algorithms design for receiver, such as frequency offset estimation, synchronization offset and channel tracking. She is currently focusing on the analysis of distortions analog circuits dropped on baseband digital signal and corresponding DSP algorithm to reduce the effect of these distortions.

Career Highlights

Ms Chen is currently a Ph.D student of ANU. She was rewarded her Bachelor of Science degree from the Department of Electronics Engineering in Beijing Institute of Technology in 2000. In year 2003, Ms Chen was rewarded Master Degree in Telecommunication and Signal Processing from the Department of Electronics Engineering in Beijing Institute of Technology.

From 2003 to 2005, Ms Chen was a system design engineer at Beijing LHWT MicroElectronics Co, P.R. China. Her duties centred on system level design of telecommunication chipsets. During her working in LHWT, she joined the two projects, 802.11a baseband chipset design and 802.11g chipset design. Her main work includes developing algorithms for the baseband system and simulation in software, cooperating hardware realization engineer to realize algorithms, and providing system level testing reports. Both systems are finished and one 802.11g product is commercialized by LHWT.

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