Linette Demers Ph.D.

Demers, Linette
Position Department / Business Unit
Senior Consultant
Institution Disciplines
Sg2 Nanoparticles
City State / Provence
Chicago Illinois
Country Website

Linette is a member of Sg2's clinical research team, which researches and analyzes emerging trends in health care. Her primary focus is to track emerging trends in laboratory and pharmacy services, and to evaluate the impact of emerging technologies on the delivery of care in these areas.

Prior to joining Sg2, Linette was a project leader at NanoInk, a technology start-up company in Chicago. In this role, she evaluated the feasibility of miniaturized biosensors and arrays. While at NanoInk, Linette also developed nanotechnology-enabled covert anti-counterfeiting technology for pharmaceuticals.

During her graduate studies at Northwestern University, Linette investigated methods for optimizing nanoparticle-based diagnostic probes, performed basic research to understand and control how DNA interacts with sensor surfaces on the molecular level, and combined surface nanopatterning techniques with biology to build self-organizing photonic materials. These experiences provide Linette with the foundation that is necessary to understand how emerging technology platforms will be applied to mainstream clinical medicine.

Linette has been published extensively in peer-reviewed literature and has written a number of reviews of medical nanotechnology applications. She has presented her research findings at national scientific meetings and is active in the Chicago biotechnology community.

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