Todd Emrick Ph.D.

Emrick, Todd
Position Department / Business Unit
Department of Polymer Science and Engineering
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University of Massachusetts Chemistry Quantum Dots
City State / Provence
Amherst Massachusetts
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My research group targets the synthesis of new polymer-based materials where control over architecture, functionality and reactivity are central to the science and technology.

We are especially concerned with the assembly of polymers and nanoparticles into precision structures and the use of interfaces to direct this assembly. Two projects in the group, one focusing on semiconductor quantum dots and the other on amphiphilic graft copolymers, are converging to capsular structures that can be cross-linked at the oil-water interface. The capsules that result from this chemistry are tailored specifically to control the rate of release of their contents through cross-link density and degradation chemistry. In addition, these capsules have tailored functional surfaces that can be used in biorecognition schemes for targeted in-vivo drug delivery.


B.S. Chemistry, Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA 1992; Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Chicago, 1997


• National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 2003-2008. Unique Chemical Functionalization of Nanoparticles for Dispersion, Directed Assembly, and Precise Interfacial Mediation.
• Exploratory Research Award from the Center for UMASS-Industry Research on Polymers (CUMIRP). Novel PEGylated Polyolefins for Applications Ranging from Membranes to Biomaterials.
• Omnova, Inc. Signature Young Faculty Award.
• American Chemical Society poster presentation award, with graduate student Habib Skaff. Spring 2002 ACS, Orlando, FL, Colloid & Surface Science Division.

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