Elzbieta Frackowiak Ph.D.

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Professor Institute of Chemistry and Technical Electrochemistry
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Poznan University of Technology Chemistry
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Poznan FGN
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++48 61 665 2571

Elzbieta Frackowiak: professor in the Poznan University of Technology

Elzbieta FRACKOWIAK is a professor in the Poznan University of Technology, Poland. She received a master’s degree in Electrochemistry from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (1972) and a PhD thesis in Chemistry at Poznan University of Technology (1988). She is an electrochemist and her research interest is focused on energy storage. Her main scientific topics are:

• electrode materials for primary and secondary cells,
• production of carbon nanotubes by catalytic and template methods,
• intercalation/insertion processes in lithium-ion batteries,
• hydrogen storage in activated and template carbon materials
• oxidation of methanol in acidic medium using nanotubular supports for catalyst particles,
• application of different activated carbon materials and N-riched carbons for supercapacitors,
• use of nanotubes/conducting polymers composite electrodes for supercapacitors,
• application of nanotubes/transition metal oxides composites for supercapacitors,
• application of ionic liquids as new “green” electrolytes.


Member of the Advisory Board of the International Conferences on Intercalation Compounds (1996-2006)
Member of International Society of Electrochemistry (1998 -2006)
Coordinator of NATO Science for Peace Programme (SfP 973849) from Polish side (2000-2004)
Organizer of International Symposium of Intercalation Compounds (ISIC12) -Poznan in 2003

Important Articles

List of recent selected publications

1. E. Frackowiak, S. Gautier, H. Gaucher, S. Bonnamy and F. Béguin
„Electrochemical storage of lithium in multiwalled carbon nanotubes”
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3. L. Duclaux, E. Frąckowiak and F. Béguin
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14. F. Béguin, K. Metenier, F. Chevallier, P. Azais, R. Pellenq, S. Bonnamy, L. Duclaux,
J-N. Rouzaud, E. Frackowiak
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Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 386 (2002) 151-157

15. E. Frackowiak, K. Jurewicz, S. Delpeux, V. Bertagna, S. Bonnamy, F. Béguin
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16. M. Letellier, F. Chevallier, C. Clinard, E. Frackowiak, J-N. Rouzaud, F. Béguin
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Electrochemical Solid State Letters 6 (2003) A225-A228.

18. K. Kierzek, E. Frackowiak, G. Lota, G. Gryglewicz, J. Machnikowski
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Electrochimica Acta 49 (2004) 515-523

19. J. Machnikowski, B. Grzyb, J. V. Weber, E. Frackowiak, J. N. Rouzaud, F. Béguin.
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by the co-pyrolysis of coal-tar pitch with polyacrylonitrile “
Electrochimica Acta 49 (2004) 423-432

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composite electrodes using different cell configurations”
Electrochimica Acta 50 (2005) 2499-2506.

35. F. Béguin, F. Chevallier, C. Vix-Guterl, S. Saadallah, V.Bertagna, J-N. Rouzaud,
E. Frackowiak
„Correlation of the irreversible lithium insertion with the active surface area of modified
disordered carbons”
Carbon 43 (2005) 2160-2167.

36. G. Gryglewicz, J. Machnikowski, E. Lorenc-Grabowska, G. Lota, E. Frackowiak
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electrochemical capacitors”
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39. F. Béguin, K. Szostak, G. Lota, E. Frackowiak
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pyrolysis of carbon nanotubes/polyacrylonitrile blends”
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tin and antimony on the lithium insertion”,
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