Robert Haddon Ph.D.

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Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering
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University of California Chemistry
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Riverside California
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Robert Haddon grew up in Longford, Tasmania.

His research interests have been directed toward the electronic structure and properties of molecules and materials, with particular emphasis on transport, magnetism, superconductivity, device fabrication and miniaturization, and the discovery of new classes of electronic materials. He has developed a number of theoretical models of the electronic structure of p-electron systems, and over the past ten years he has turned his attention to the understanding of nonplanar conjugated organic molecules with particular reference to the fullerenes. In collaboration with colleagues at AT&T Bell Laboratories, he discovered the alkali metal fullerides and their conductivity properties and the occurrence of superconductivity in the A3C60 compounds (A=K,Rb). He was named 1991 Person of the Year by Superconductor Week, and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Physical Society“For work on organic electronic materials, including the prediction and discovery of superconductivity in alkali-metal-doped carbon-60.”

His research group has now turned their attention to the study of radical conductors and carbon nanotubes. In 1998 they have recently prepared the first soluble single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs), allowing the study of naked carbon metals and semiconductors in solution. Both ionic and covalent solution phase chemistry were demonstrated, with concomitant modulation of the electronic band structure. In 1999 they synthesized and characterized the first phenalenyl-based neutral radical molecular conductors.


He obtained the B.Sc.(Hon) degree at Melbourne University in 1966, and shortly thereafter accompanied L.M. Jackman to the Pennsylvania State University where he was awarded an organic chemistry Ph.D. degree in 1971.

Career Highlights

He was a Postdoctoral Fellow with M.J.S. Dewar at the University of Texas during the period 1972-3, after which he took up a Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship at the Australian National University. In 1976 he joined the group of F.Wudl at Bell Telephone Laboratories.

During the period 1978 to 1990 he was a member of the Chemical Physics Research Department, before assuming a position in the Materials Chemistry Research Department at AT&T Bell Laboratories as Distinguished Member of Technical Staff. In 1997 he was appointed Professor of Chemistry and Physics at the University of Kentucky, and in 1998 he became Director of the Advanced Carbon Materials Center (NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center).

In 1998 he co-founded CarboLex, Inc, a company that produces and sells single-walled carbon nanotubes. In 1999, he founded Carbon Solutions, Inc, a company that is focused on the processing and dissolution of carbon materials for advanced applications.

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