Stephen Haswell Ph.D.

Haswell, Stephen
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Professor Department of Chemistry
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University of Hull Chemistry
City State / Provence
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+44 (0)1482 466410

In 1983 determined to develop better analytical methodology to characterise and model chemical reactions Steve Haswell started, as many did at that time, to explore the application of multivariate statistical measurements or as we know it today chemometrics.

It quickly became apparent however that the spatial and temporal limitation of the measurement process was going to be a problem, so a way was needed to either make the measurement process as big as the entire reactor or make the reactor as small as the measurement probe. As is so often the case, nature had already sorted out this problem through the use of scale to control the fluidics of complex chemical processes in what we know as the cell, using built in detectors on the very high surfaces or membranes present.

So began the road of discovery which continues to this day that not only enters the exciting field of multidisciplinary scientific research but also touches on the deep felt prejudices and politics which malign international research and the ruthless world of commercialisation, all straight out of one of today’s best selling novels.

Current areas of ongoing research at Hull in the field of miniaturization include: (i) the application of micro reactor methodology for atom efficient synthesis, (ii) development and design of reactors for microwave assisted chemistry in lab and pilot scale, (iii) microfluidic sorting , processing and analysis of viable cells, (iv) at crime scene DNA characterization, and (v) synthesis and nanotechnological applications of tethered silicates.

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