Yu Huang Ph.D.

Huang, Yu
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UCLA Nanomaterials Nanobiology Chemistry
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Dr. Huang’s research interest centers broadly on the interface of functional nanosystems and biosystems. Her research program focuses on synthesis and assembly of nanoscale materials through chemical and biological approaches, investigation of their fundamental electronic and optical properties and design of novel nanodevice concepts.

Specific research areas include (1) developing programmed synthesis of nanostructures with molecular precision and assembly of them into increasingly complex architecture through genetic control of biological scaffolds; (2) investigating fundamental properties of such materials and exploring them as functional nanosystems for applications in electronics and optoelectronics; (3) developing new nanosystem-enabled technology platform that can be broadly applied to study biological process, including detection, imaging and manipulation at single or sub-cellular and molecular level.


Ph.D. in Chemistry, Harvard University, 2003. ; M A. in Chemistry, Harvard University, 2002.; B.Sc. in Chemistry, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), 1999.


UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science Fellow, 2005-2010.
IUPAC Young Chemist Prize, 2004.
Honor Delegates to 43rd International Achievement Summit, 2004.
Lawrence Postdoctoral Fellowship, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, 2003-2006.
Technology Review World Top 100 Young Innovators Award, 2003.
Grand Prize Winner of Collegiate Inventors Competition, 2002.

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