Christine Keating

Position Department / Business Unit
Assistant Professor Chemistry Dept.
Institution Disciplines
Pennsylvania State University Chemistry Nanoparticles Nanostructures
City State / Provence
University Park Pennsylvania
Country Website
U.S.A. link

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Pennsylvania State University

Research Interests:

Cytomimetic chemistry, functional superstructures of particles and/or macromolecules, biomolecule-directed particle assembly, surface and interface chemistry, nanomaterials synthesis and characterization, bioanalytical chemistry, optical properties of metal nanostructures, biomimetic mineralization.


B.S. Saint Francis College of Loretto, PA, 1991; Ph.D. Penn State University, 1997


  • Beckman Young Investigator Award, Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, 2004- 07
  • Unilever Award for Outstanding Young Investigator in Colloid and Surfactant Science, 2004
  • Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow, 2004
  • NSF New Faculty CAREER Award, 2003-08

Important Articles

Representative Publications

Helfrich, M. R.; Mangeney-Slavin, L. K.; Long, M. S.; Djoko, K. Y.; Keating, C. D.r, Aqueous phase separation in giant vesicles, J. Am .Chem. Soc., 124, 13374-13375 (2002).

Nicewarner-Peña, S. R.; Raina, S.; Goodrich, G. P.; Fedoroff, N. V.; Keating, C.D., Hybridization and Extension of Au Nanoparticle-bound Oligonucleotides, J. Am .Chem. Soc., 124, 7314-7323 (2002).

Nicewarner-Peña, S. R.; Freeman, G. P.; Reiss, B. D.; He, L.; PeÒa, D. J.; Walton, I. D.; Cromer, R.; Keating, C. D., Natan, M. J., Submicrometer Metallic Barcodes, Science, 294, 137-141 (2001).

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