Jungbae Kim Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
Scientist Chemical and Biological Processes Development
Institution Disciplines
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Nanoparticles Engineering
City State / Provence
Richland Washington
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Jungbae Kim joined PNNL in 2000 with over 15 years experience in chemical and biochemical engineering. He is an expert in enzyme technology, and is experienced using enzymes for various applications, such as enzymatic peptide synthesis, cheese flavors, metal-sensing phenolic polymers, and drug intermediates; enzymatic catalysis in extreme conditions such as organic solvents, high pressure, and high salt environments; halophilic protease; and enzyme immobilization. At PNNL, his research expanded to include microfluidics and microsensors projects, focusing on microcolumn reactors (size of 1 쌩 with on-line detection systems; antigen-antibody binding, DNA repair protein-damaged DNA interaction, and enzymatic reaction in microcolumn reactors; and dynamic coating for PCR units (automated pathogen detection system). Recently, Dr. Kim successfully developed a unique form of NanoBioComposites (NBC) under the name of armored single-enzyme nanoparticles (SENs). SENs dramatically stabilize enzyme activity by surrounding each enzyme molecule with a porous composite organic/inorganic shell less than a few nanometers thick. The armored shell around CT is sufficiently thin and porous that it does not place any serious mass-transfer substrate limitation. This unique approach will greatly impact enzymes use in various fields such as biosensing, bioremediation, and antifouling coatings.


• Ph.D., Biochemical Engineering, University of Iowa, 1995; M.S., Chemical Engineering, Seoul National University, 1988; B.S., Chemical Engineering, Seoul National University, 1986

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