Valentina Lazarescu Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
Institution Disciplines
Institute of Physical Chemistry I.G. Murgulescu Chemistry
City State / Provence
Bucharest FGN
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Romania link
Research Experience

(A) Interfacial Electrochemistry
* Surface segregation induced by chemisorption at alloy / solution interface
* Subsurface and surface oxide formation during anodic oxidation of silver (compact metal, vacuum-deposited films, alumina-supported catalyst)
* Hydrogen adsorption on Raney-copper
* Electronic factors in adsorption of organic and inorganic species on Ag(111) and Au(111)
* Structural effects in the potentiodynamic behavior of Cu(hkl) electrodes in neutral solutions
* pH Effects on the potentiodynamic Behavior of Pt(111) electrode in perchlorate media
* Electronic factors in cathodic reduction of pyrazine on Cu(111), Ag(111) and Au(111)
* Underpotential deposition of palladium on Au(110) electrode
* Electrocatalytic effects of the epitaxially grown palladium thin layers in the oxidation of the small organic molecules (CO, HCOOH)
* Electrochemical investigations on thin layers of GaAs deposited by magnetron plasma technique on single crystalline substrates
* Electrochemical investigations on metal (Pd, Cu) deposition on C nanotubes
* Electrochemical and Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) studies at GaAs(hkl) / solution interface

(B) Surface Science
* Surface potential measurements for oxygen adsorption on silver (vacuum-deposited films, alumina-supported catalysts) and vacuum-evaporated Ag - Au alloy films
* Surface potential measurements at hydrogen adsorption on Raney-copper
* LEED, XPS and AES investigations on emersed electrodes
* SHG measurements at solid / air and solid / solution interfaces

(C) Heterogeneous Catalysis
* Promotion effects in silver-catalyzed ethylene epoxidation
* Correlation between Raney-copper structure and activity
* Catalytic sensors for combustible gases detection

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