Zoltan Lences Ph.D.

Lences, Zoltan
Position Department / Business Unit
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
Institution Disciplines
Slovak Academy of Sciences Chemistry
City State / Provence
Bratislava SK
Country Website

Zoltán Lenčéš (Dipl.-Ing., PhD.) is a senior researcher at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry Slovak Academy of Sciences (IIC SAS), and an external lecturer at the Slovak Technical University, Bratislava.

He is a member of the European, American and Japan Ceramic Societies, member of the Slovak Silicate Society and the Czech and Slovak Crystallographic Society. He has published more than 60 papers, is a co-editor of proceedings [1], and has a contribution to the encyclopedia [2]. His research is focused on the development of oxide and non-oxide high performance engineering ceramics, including nanocomposites. The main subjects are the microstructural design of ceramic composites with respect to their mechanical properties. His research interest involves the utilization of in situ reactions in the processing of ceramics and the preparation of bulk materials from polymer derived precursors [3-6].

He participated on several projects granted from the Slovak Grant Agency with the topic of nanoceramics, he is involved in the projects Centre of Excellence NANOSMART (dealing with the research and development of the advanced materials on the nano-level) and the 6. FP EU project PolyCerNet (Tailored Multifunctional Polymer Derived nanoComposites).

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