Xiao-Min Lin Ph.D.

Lin, Xiao-Min
Position Department / Business Unit
Principal Investigator Center for Nanoscale Materials
Institution Disciplines
Argonne National Laboratory Physics Chemistry Nanoparticles Nanostructures Nanomedicine Nanomaterials
City State / Provence
Argonne Illinois
Country Website
U.S.A. link

Research interests are chemical synthesis and physical characterization of nanoscale materials. Current projects focus on synthesis and characterization of magnetic nanocomposites, Chemical functionalization of nanocrystal surfaces, electronic transport of nanocrystal arrays and using in situ x-ray and optical microscopy to study self-assembly process of nanocrystals.


Building 440, A226

Center for Nanoscale Materials

Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne, IL 60439, U.S.A

Phone:630-252-4447 (Office), 630-252-6289 (Lab)

Fax: 630-252-4646

Email: xmlin@anl.gov




Postdoc, The James Franck Institute, University of Chicago; Ph.D. Physics, 1999, Kansas State University; M.S. Inorgnaic Chemistry, Kansas State University

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