Dmitri Litvinov Ph.D.

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Associate Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering
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University of Houston Nanotubes Nanomaterials
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Houston Texas
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My research interests span a range of topics related to the development and applications of novel magnetic materials and devices at nanoscale dimensions. These include micro- and nanomagnetic materials and devices directly related to the current and future magnetic storage technologies such as disk drive storage, probe storage based on MEMS and MRAM. Among the investigated issues are fabrication and device physics of magnetic probe heads at nanoscale dimensions (the recording heads with dimensions down to few tens of nanometers have been routinely fabricated using focused ion-beam nanofabrication techniques); development and characterization of nanocrystalline materials for advanced recording media applications; micromagnetic behavior of soft magnetic materials; recording properties of nanocrystalline alloy and superlattice-based media materials; recording processes at nanoscale dimensions, etc. Record track densities in excess of 400ktpi (~60nm track width) were demonstrated using above-mentioned nanoprobe recording heads and specially prepare media. The micromagnetic behavior of magnetic nanotubes was for the first time experimentally observed.

Important Articles

1. D. Litvinov and S. Khizroev , "Orientation-Sensitive Magnetic Force Microscopy for Future Probe Storage Applications," Applied Physics Letters 81(10), 1878-1880 (2002) [Editor's choice in the AIP Virtual Journal of Nanoscience & Technology, Vol. 6(11), Sept. 2002].

2. S. Khizroev, D.A. Thompson, M.H. Kryder, D. Litvinov, "Direct Observation of Magnetization Switching in Focused Ion-beam Fabricated Nanotubes," Applied Physics Letters 81(12), 2256-2257 (2002) [Editor's choice in the AIP Virtual Journal of Nanoscience & Technology, Vol. 6(12), Sept. 2002].

3. D. Litvinov and S. Khizroev, "Focused Ion Beams in Future Nanoscale Probe Recording," Nanotechnology 13, 179-184 (2002).

4. D. Litvinov and S. Khizroev , "Overview of Magnetoresistive Probe Heads for Nanoscale Recording Applications," Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (in press) 2002.

5. J.T. Wolfson, J.A. Bain, S. Khizroev , and D. Litvinov, "Dynamic Kerr Imaging of Soft Underlayer for Perpendicular Recording Applications," (invited) Journal of Applied Physics 91(10), 8665-8669 (2002).

6. D. Litvinov, J. Wolfson, J. Bain, R.W. Gustafson, M.H. Kryder, and S. Khizroev, "Narrow Gap Single Pole Heads," IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 38(5), 2253-2255 (2002).

7. D. Litvinov, M.H. Kryder, and S. Khizroev , "Recording Physics of Perpendicular Media: Hard Layers," Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 241(2-3), 453-465 (2002).

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9. D. Litvinov, T. Roscamp, T. Klemmer, M. Wu, J.K. Howard, S. Khizroev , "Co/Pd Multilayers for Perpendicular Recording Media," MRS Proceedings 674, T3.9 (2001).

10. D. Litvinov, R. Chomko, G. Chen, L. Abelmann, K. Ramstock, and S. Khizroev, "Micromagnetics of a Soft Underlayer," IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 36(5), 2483

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