Hiroshi Matsui

Matsui, Hiroshi
Position Department / Business Unit
Associate Professor Dept. of Chemistry
Institution Disciplines
The City University of New York Electronics Chemistry
City State / Provence
New York New York
Country Website
Research Interests:
Bio-Nanotechnology, Electronics, Sensors, Photonics, Spectroscopy

Research Description:

Future growth of the electronics industry requires development of faster integrated circuits with reduced production costs and lower power consumption. More efficient circuits can be achieved by increasing the packing density of nanometer-sized circuit elements. This "nano-approach" also leads to light weight, which is especially important for various applications such as portable electronic devices. While present lithographic technology can produce nanoscale assembly in two-dimensions, a new generation of more densely packed integrated circuits requires three-dimensional assembly. This requires placement of nanometer scaled metal, semiconductor, insulator or quantum dot components in the exact positions necessary for construction of integrated circuits with high precision and reproducibility. By exploiting self-assembly processes under moderate conditions, the fabrication can be performed efficiently and economically.


B.S.: Department of Chemistry, Sophia University; M.S.: Department of Materials Science & Engineering, StanfordUniversity; Ph.D.: Department of Chemistry, PurdueUniversity; Postdoctral Fellow: Department of Chemistry, ColumbiaUniversity

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