Carlo Montemagno Ph.D.

Montemagno, Carlo
Position Department / Business Unit
Professor Department of Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, IDP
Institution Disciplines
University of California Nanobiology
City State / Provence
Los Angeles California
Country Website
U.S.A. link
Research Interests:

Nanoscale biomedical systems, micro robotics, directed self-assembly, hybrid living/nonliving device engineering, pathogen detection, and tissue engineering.


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Important Articles

Recent Publications:

C.D. Montemagno, "Nanomachines: A Roadmap for Realizing the Vision," J of Nanoparticle Research 3, 1–3, 2001.

R.K. Soong, H.P. Neves, J. Schmidt, and C.D. Montemagno, "Engineering Hybrid Nanoscience Devices Powered By Biomolecular Motors," Biomedical Microdevices 3(1), 69–71, 2001.

G.D. Bachand, R.K. Soong, H.P. Neves, A. Olkhovets, H.G. Graighead, and C.D. Montemagno, "Precision Attachment of Individual F1-ATPase Biomolecular Motors on Nanofabricated Substrates," Nano Letters 1(1), 42–44, 2001.

R.K. Soong, G.D. Bachand, H.P. Neves, A.G. Olkhovets, H.G. Craighead, and C.D. Montemagno, "Powering an Inorganic Nanodevice with a Biomolecular motor," Science 290, 1555&ndsah;1558, 2000.

G.D. Bachand, and C.D. Montemagno, "Constructing Organic/Inorganic NEMS Devices Powered by Biomolecular Motors," Biomedical Microdevices 2(3), 179–184, 2000.

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