So-Jung Park Ph.D.

Park, So-Jung
Position Department / Business Unit
Department of Chemistry, Nanoscale Materials and Surface Chemistry
Institution Disciplines
University of Pennsylvania Chemistry Nanomaterials
City State / Provence
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Country Website

So-Jung Park is Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, where she focuses on nanoscale materials and surface chemistry, with a current interest in the synthesis of nanoscale inorganic solids with functional bioorganic materials. Dr. Park's research involves synthesis and characterization of nanoscale inorganic solids and their hybrids with functional bio/organic materials.

Nanometer scale inorganic solids exhibit fascinating properties that are different from their bulk counterparts. Properties of these materials can be tailored by controlling their sizes, shapes, and surface functionalities as well as their compositions. When they are organized into ordered superstructures, new sets of optical and electrical properties can be created. Many of these properties introduce challenging scientific questions and also provide much opportunity for innovation in a variety of technologies ranging from quantum computing to biosensors

Dr. Park's work is particularly interested in
  1. Colloidal metal/semiconductor heterostructures for bioanalysis applications,
  2. Organization of inorganic nanostructures in lipid supramolecular assemblies, and
  3. Controlling energy carriers in nanostructured materials, interfaces, and devices.
Another goal of the research is to understand how the structure of individual particles and their spatial organization affect these physical properties and use that knowledge to design new materials with useful properties. To achieve this, we use concepts and tools from several different disciplines. We adopt self-assembly principles in biology to control nanoparticle growth and their assembly structure. We use a variety of spectroscopic and structural characterization techniques including single molecule spectroscopy and scanning probe microscopy to develop detailed understanding on their structure-property relationship.


Ph.D. from Northwestern University

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