Vincent Rotello Ph.D.

Rotello, Vincent
Position Department / Business Unit
Professor Department of Chemistry
Institution Disciplines
University of Massachusetts Nanobiology Chemistry
City State / Provence
Amherst Massachusetts
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Our research uses a synergistic combination of physical, biological and synthetic methodologies to explore and apply supramolecular processes.

In the area of biological chemistry, we are using synthetic models to explore issues in biocatalysis. We are also exploring the recognition of biomolecules by polymers and nanoparticles. These studies focus on the creation of in vivo biosensors, the selective disruption of protein-protein interactions, and the targeting of cell surface functionality for cancer chemotherapy.

In the area of materials and devices, we are applying synthetic chemistry to the creation of nanoscale devices. These devices include read-write systems, molecular wires, transistors, and logic gates. We are also actively creating novel nano-structured polymers to serve as catalysts, coatings, and drug delivery agents and new catalysts with enhanced specificity and environmental safety.


B.S. (Honors) 1985, Illinois Institute of Technology; M.Phil., 1987; Ph.D., 1990, Yale University; NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1990, M.I.T.

Important Articles

Frankamp, B. L.; Fischer, N. O.; Hong, R.; Srivastava, S.; Rotello, V. M. “Surface Modification using Cubic Silsesquioxane Ligands. Facile Synthesis of Water-Soluble Metal Oxide Nanoparticles” Chem. Mat., 2006, 18, 956-959.

Hong, R.; Han, G.; Kim, B.; Forbes, N. S.; Rotello, V. M.; “Glutathione-Mediated Drug Release using Monolayer Protected Nanoparticle Carriers” J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2006, 128, 1078-1079.

Han, G.; Martin, C. M.; Rotello, V. M. “Stability of Gold Nanoparticle-Bound DNA towards Biological, Physical and Chemical Agents” Chem. Biol. Drug Des., 2006, 67, 78-82.

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