Pavol Sajgalik Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
Institution Disciplines
Slovak Academy of Sciences Chemistry
City State / Provence
Bratislava SK
Country Website
Slovak Republic

Pavol Šajgalík (Professor, DrSc) is the Director of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry Slovak Academy of Sciences (IIC SAS) and simultaneously Head of the Ceramic Department at the same institute.

He is also an external lecturer at the Slovak Technical University, Bratislava.
He is a Member of the European, American and Japan Ceramic Societies, President of the Slovak Silicate Society, member of the Presidium of the Slovak Glass Society and a Member Elect of the World Academy of Ceramics. He has published more than 120 papers, is co-editor of three proceedings, guest editor of two special issues of the professional journals, co-author of two monographs and has two contributions to the encyclopedias. He is a materials scientist focusing on the research and development of non-oxide and oxide high performance engineering ceramics. Last years his activities are concentrated on the ceramic nanocomposites, mainly on the microstructural design of such materials with respect to their mechanical properties. Since 1996 his primary interest is focused to the silicon nitride – silicon carbide system. He studied three different ways of formation of silicon carbide nanoinclusions in the bulk silicon nitride matrix.

He is an organizer of Advanced Research Workshops on Engineering Ceramics since 1989 in Smolenice castle, Slovakia. Last one, held in 2003 had a subtitle Balance Between Nano- and Micro-Structure Design, the selected lectures were published in a special issue of the Journal of the European Ceramic Society.

He has been a principal investigator of several projects granted from the Slovak Grant Agency with the topic of nanoceramics, his group participates on the activity of the Centre of Excellence NANOSMART, which deals with the research and development of the advanced materials on the nano-level and he is a deputy co-ordinator of the 6. FP EU project PolyCerNet (Tailored Multifunctional Polymer Derived nanoComposites) with eight European partnes. Currently he supervises four PhD students with the themes faced towards nanomaterials.

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