Jacob Schmidt Ph.D.

Schmidt, Jacob
Position Department / Business Unit
Assistant Professor, Bioengineering; Member, NanoBiotechnology and Biomaterials, California NanoSystems Institute Department of Bioengineering
Institution Disciplines
University of California
City State / Provence
Los Angeles California
Country Website
(310) 204-5956

Dr. Schmidt's current research lies in the categories of: Nanobiotechnology; Single molecule sensing using membrane proteins; Biomimetic membranes; microfluidics; manipulation and creation of biologically-functionalized devices

Technical Research Interest:
Professor Schmidt and his group have strong interests in single molecule biophysics and bioengineering, with a focus on biological membranes and membrane proteins: 1) creation of long-lived and robust biomimetic membranes; 2) singlemolecule transport measurements of membrane proteins; 3) construction of devices and apparatus for the manipulation and study of biomimetic membranes and membrane proteins. The techniques used to pursue these interests are highly multi-disciplinary, drawing on methods of genetic cloning and manipulation, biochemistry, micromachining, low-noise electronics, and microfluidics. The group aims to advance the science and technology of membrane proteins through the development of tools and techniques enabling other researchers to perform experiments previously impossible due to limitations in technology or expertise. The group also maintains a strong interest in technology development enabling more efficient drug discovery targeted toward membrane transport and channel proteins.


Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1999

Important Articles

Tae-Joon Jeon, Noah Malmstadt, and Jacob J. Schmidt, "Hydrogel-Encapsulated Lipid Membranes", JACS, 2006, 128, 42-43.

Denise Wong, Tae-Joon Jeon and Jacob Schmidt, "Single molecule measurements of channel proteins incorporated into biomimetic polymer membranes", Nanotechnology, 2006, 17, 3710-3717.

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Jacob J. Schmidt., "Stochastic Sensors", Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2005, 15, 831-840.

Jacob J. Schmidt and Carlo D. Montemagno., "Bioanomechanical Systems", Annual Review of Materials Research, 2004, 34, 315-337.

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