Olga Boltalina Ph.D.

Boltalina, Olga
Position Department / Business Unit
Visiting Professor/Senior Research Associate Department of Chemistry
Institution Disciplines
Colorado State University Chemistry
City State / Provence
Fort Collins Colorad
Country Website
USA link


M.S., Chemistry, Moscow State University, 1982; Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Moscow State University, 1990; D. Sci., Physical Chemistry, Moscow State University, 1998.


Honors and Awards
Royal Society Research Fellowship, 1994
International Author Award, Royal Society, 1996, 2000
Shuvalov’s Award, Moscow State University, 2000
President of Russia’s Award for Young Doctors of Science, 1998–2001
Lomonosov Prize for Best Scholarly Work, Moscow State University, 2003
F. Bessel Award (Humboldt Foundation, Germany), 2003-2004

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