Roy Shenhar Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
Institute of Chemistry
Institution Disciplines
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Chemistry Nanoparticles
City State / Provence
Country Website

Research Interests: Functionalized polymers and block copolymers, Nanoparticles, Self-assembly, and Molecular recognition.


• Ph.D. in Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, 2002.; M.Sc. in Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.; B.Sc. in Chemistry and Computer Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, 1995.


1. Roy Shenhar, Tyler B. Norsten, and Vincent M. Rotello
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2. Tyler B. Norsten, Amitav Sanyal, Roy Shenhar, and Vincent M. Rotello
"Polymer Mediated Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles"
In Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology; James A. Schwarz, Cristian I. Contescu, Karol Putyera, Eds.; Marcel Dekker: New York, 2004; pp. 2985-2998. (ISBN: 0-8247-4797-6)

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