Karl Sohlberg Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
Associate Professor Department of Chemistry
Institution Disciplines
Drexel University Chemistry Nanomaterials
City State / Provence
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Country Website

Dr. Sohlberg’s broad research area is theoretical and computational materials chemistry, with specific research programs in: 1) molecular nano-devices and 2) complex catalytic materials.

Karl Sohlberg is an Associate Professor and DuPont Young Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Drexel University, (Philadelphia, PA). Before joining the Drexel faculty in 2000 he was an Oak Ridge Associated Universities postdoctoral fellow at Oak Ridge National Lab (Oak Ridge, TN). Earlier, he held postdoctoral appointments at The Johns Hopkins University and Brigham Young University. He received his PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Delaware. At Drexel he teaches Chemical Principles of Engineering and molecular modeling and quantum chemistry. He also serves on the Editorial board of the Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience.

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