Aydin Sunol

Sunol, Aydin
Position Department / Business Unit
Chemical Engineering Department
Institution Disciplines
University of South Florida Engineering
City State / Provence
Tampa Florida
Country Website
U.S.A. link

Systems Engineering, Supercritical fluid technology, Green Engineering, Product and Process Design

Recent Research Projects:

Environmentally Friendly Pathways for Development of Materials
Thermodynamic and Transport Property Measurement and Estimation at High Pressure
Separations Using Supercritical Fluids
Development of Spiral Curriculum and Web-based Teaching Modules for Design
Reactions at High Pressure
Product and Process Design
Green Engineering


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, VPI and SU, Blacksburg, VA, 1982; M.Eng. Industrial Engineering, VPI and SU, Blacksburg, VA, 1982; B.S. ChE, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey, 1975

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