Hideki Tanaka Ph.D.

Tanaka, Hideki
Position Department / Business Unit
Professor of Theoretical Chemistry Dept. of Chemistry
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Okayama University Chemistry
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Hideki Tanaka's research interest has been focused on structure and dynamics of water and aqueous solutions, physical properties of ice and clathrate hydrates, and water in confined space.


B.Eng. (Kyoto Univ.), M.Eng. (Kyoto Univ.), D.Eng (Kyoto Univ.)

Career Highlights

JSPS Research Fellow (1984, Institute for Molecular Science)
Technical Associate (1986, Institute for Molecular Science)
Research Associate (1987, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University)
Professor (1988-, Faculty of Science, Okayama University)
Visiting Professor (1999-2000, Institute for Molecular Science)
Vice dean (2004-2005, Faculty of Science, Okayama University)

Important Articles

1. Metallic Single-walled Silicon Nanotubes, J. Bai, X. C. Zeng, H. Tanaka, and J. Y. Zeng, Proc. Natl, Acad. Sci. USA, 101, 2664-2668 (2004).

2. On the Debye-Waller Factor of Hexagonal Ice: A Computer Simulation Study, H. Tanaka and U. Mohanty, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 124, 8085-8089 (2002).

3. Formation of Ordered Ice Nanotubes inside Carbon Nanotubes, K. Koga, G. T. Gao, H. Tanaka, and X. C. Zeng, Nature, 412, 802-805 (2001).

4. First-order Transition in Confined Water between High Density Liquid and Low Density Amorphous Phases, K. Koga, H. Tanaka, and X. C. Zeng, Nature, 408, 564-567 (2000).

5. A Self-consistent Phase Diagram for Supercooled Water, H. Tanaka, Nature, 380, 328-330 (1996).

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