Costas Tsouris Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
Separations & Materials Research Group
Institution Disciplines
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Chemistry Engineering Nanomaterials
City State / Provence
Oak Ridge Tennessee
Country Website
U.S.A. link

Environmental Chemistry and Technology Group Environmental Sciences Division

Research Interests:

His research interests include separations enhanced by electric and magnetic fields (electroseparations: electroextraction, electrodistillation, electrofiltration, electrosorption, electropumping, electromixing, electrooxidation, electroozonation, magnetic flocculation, magnetic filtration), particle interaction forces in colloidal systems and their effects on aggregation and filtration of colloidal particles, turbulent liquid dispersions encountered in extractive/reactive systems, and interfacial phenomena in gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, and solid liquid systems with applications in separations. He studied drop coalescence and breakup in liquid-liquid extraction systems; electrohydrodynamic pumping, spraying, and mixing of fluids; and bubble interactions in gas/liquid reactive systems. He recently employed electrohydrodynamic flows in microfluidic devices performing pumping and mixing operations. In parallel, he works on gas hydrates as a means for carbon storage in the ocean, as well as gas separations.


Ph.D. Syracuse University, 1992. Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science; M.Sc. Syracuse University, 1988. Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science; Diploma of Engineering Aristotle University (Greece), 1984. Chemical

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