Joseph Wang Ph.D.

Wang, Joseph
Position Department / Business Unit
Professor Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Institution Disciplines
New Mexico State University Nanomaterials
City State / Provence
Las Cruces New Mexico
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The research interests of Dr. Wang include the development of microfluidic (“Lab-on-Chip”) biochip devices, nanomaterials-based sensors, enzyme electrodes, DNA and proteins recognition and diagnostics, bioelectronics, nanobiotechnology, electrochemical sensing devices for environmental, security, and clinical monitoring, design of nanostructures, microfabrication and miniaturization, counterterrorism-detection, the development of new interfaces, sensor/recognition coatings, and remote sensing.


Ph.D., Technion, 1978

Career Highlights

He has authored over 650 research papers, 6 books, 15 patents, and 25 chapters. His books include STRIPPING ANALYSIS, ELECTROANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES IN CLINICAL CHEMISTRY AND LABORATORY MEDICINE, BIOSENSORS AND CHEMICAL SENSORS, BIOSENSORS FOR MONITORING OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTANTS and ANALYTICAL ELECTROCHEMISTRY (1st and 2nd Eds.). Since 1980, 20 Ph.D. candidates and 70 research associates have studied with Prof. Wang.

Dr. Wang has presented more than 150 invited and plenary lectures in 30 countries.


He was the recipient of the 1994 Heyrovsky Memorial Medal (of the Czech Republic) for his contributions to voltammetry, of the 1999 American Chemical Society Award for Analytical Instrumentation, and the ISI ‘Citation Laureate’ Award for being the Most Cited Scientist in Engineering in the World (during 1991-2001). He was awarded a Honorary Professor from National University (Cordoba, Argentina) in 2003. The Westhafer Award for Research (NMSU’s highest academic award) was awarded to him in 1990. Between 2001 and 2004 he held the Manasse Chair and a Regent Professorship of NMSU. He was ranked as the most cited electrochemist in the world in 1995, and at the 17th place in the ISI’s list of ‘Most Cited Researchers in Chemistry’ for the 1992-2002 period. He is currently serving as the Chief-Editor of the international journal Electroanalysis and has been a member of the 12 other international journals.

He is recipient of the prestigious American Chemical Society Award in Electrochemistry (for 2006) and is the “Most cited Researcher in Engineering for 1995-2005” (out of 5,537 authors) and “Fourth most cited Researcher in Chemistry for 1995-2005” (out of 5,997 authors).


Representative Publications
"Templated One-Step Synthesis of Compositionally Encoded Nanowire Tags," J. Wang and G. Liu, Anal. Chem. 78 2461 (2006)
"Nanocrystal-based Bioelectronics Coding of SNP," G. Liu, T. Lee and J. Wang, J. Am. Chem. Soc 127 38 (2005)
"Nanomaterial-based Electrochemical Biosensors," J. Wang, Analyst 139 421 (2005)
"DNA-based Amplified Bioelectronic Detection and Coding of Proteins," J. Wang, G. Liu, B. Munge, L. Lin and Q. Zhu, Angew Chemie Int. Ed 43 2158 (2004)
"On-Chip Integration of Enzyme and Immunoassays: Simultaneous Measurements of Insulin and Glucose," J. Wang, A. Ibez and M.P. Chatrathi, J. Am. Chem. Soc 125 8444 (2003)
"Real-Time Electrochemical Monitoring: Towards Green Analytical Chemistry," J. Wang, Accounts for Chem. Res. 35 811 (2002)
"Oxygen-Rich Carbon Paste Enzyme Electrodes for Operation in Oxygen-Deficient Solutions," J. Wang and F. Lu, J. Am. Chem. Soc 120 1048 (1998)

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