James Wicksted Ph.D.

Wicksted, James
Position Department / Business Unit
Department Head, Professor and Noble Research Fellow Department of Physics
Institution Disciplines
Oklahoma State University Physics
City State / Provence
Stillwater Oklahoma
Country Website
U.S.A. link
(405) 744-6811
Research Interests
Dr. Wicksted is using noninvasive confocal Raman spectroscopy in order to detect hydration changes of ocular tissue (cornea, lens) as well as to sense the pharmacokinetic behavior associated with ophthalmic drugs applied topically to the eye. Dr. Wicksted is also working on the development of Bragg gratings for applications in wavelength division filtering, optical storage, and for fiber optic temperature and pressure sensor applications.

Additional research projects include characterizing the optical properties of materials utilizing several spectroscopic techniques, such as Raman and Brillouin scattering. Potential applications resulting from these investigations include optical communication devices, acousto-optic devices, and optical limiting devices.

Important Articles

Selected Recent Publications
Muhammed K. Gheith, Vladimir A. Sinani, James P. Wicksted, Robert L. Matts, and Nicholas A. Kotov, “Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Polyelectrolyte Multilayers and Freestanding Films as a Biocompatible Platform for Neuroprosthetic Implants”, Adv. Mater. 17, 2663 (2005).
N.J.C. Bauer, M. Motamedi, F. Hendrikse, and J.P. Wicksted, “Remote Temperature Monitoring in Ocular Tissue using Confocal Raman Spectroscopy”, Journal of Biomedical Optics 10(3), 31109 (2005).
A.Y. Hamad and J.P. Wicksted, "Laser-Induced Refractive Index Gratings formed in Pr3+–Doped Sodium-Magnesium-Aluminosilicate Glasses", J. Appl. Phys. 97, 063102 (2005).
V.A. Sinani, A.A. Yaroslavov, M.K. Gheith, A.A. Rakhnyanskaya, A.A. Mamedov, J.P. Wicksted, and N.A. Kotov, “Aqueous Dispersions of Single and Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes with Designed Amphiphilic Polycations”, JACS 127, 3463 (2005).
Z.N. Utegulov, M.A. Eastman, S. Prabakar, K. T. Mueller, A.Y. Hamad, J.P. Wicksted, and G.S. Dixon, "Structural Characterization of Eu2O3-MgO-Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2 Glasses with varying Eu2O3 Content: Raman and MAS NMR Studies", J. Non-Cryst. Solids 315, 43 (2003).
Arif A. Mamedov, Nicholas A. Kotov, Maurizio Prato, Dirk M. Guldi, James P. Wicksted, Andreas Hirsch, “Molecular Design of Strong Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube/Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Composites”, Nature Materials 1, 190 (2002); Nature Materials 1, 257 (2002).
A.Y. Hamad, J.P. Wicksted, M.R. Hogsed, J.J. Martin, C.A. Hunt, and G.S. Dixon, "Effect of Al concentration on the holographic grating efficiency and ionic conductivity in sodium magnesium aluminosilicate glasses", Phys. Rev. B 65, 064204 (2002).
R. J. Erckens, F. H. M. Jongsma, J. P. Wicksted, M. Motamedi, F. Hendrikse, and W. F. March, "Drug-induced corneal hydration changes monitored in vivo by non-invasive confocal Raman spectroscopy", J. Raman Spectrosc. 32, 733 (2001).
A.Y. Hamad and J.P. Wicksted, "Holographic image storage in Eu3+-doped alkali-aluminosilicate glasses", Appl. Opt. 40, 1822 (2001).

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