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Busch, Daryle
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Chemistry Department
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University of Kansas
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Lawrence Kansas
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Daryle H. Busch, Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Deputy Director, Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis

Research Interests:

Green inorganic chemistry: transition metal coordination chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry focused on dioxygen, its reduction products and their interaction with metal complexes, environmentally benign oxidation catalysis by transition metal compounds, and supramolecular chemistry, especially new materials derived from advanced molecular topologies. Professor Busch's work is concerned with the design, synthesis, characterization and exploitation of coordination compounds, ranging from transition metal derivatives to purely organic complexes. Further the design, synthesis, and potential uses of the new chemistry are all directed at positive contributions to the global environment.


Ph.D., 1954, University of Illinois; Guggenheim Fellow 1981-1982.

Important Articles

Selected Publications

Guochuan Yin, Maria Buchalova, Andrew M. Danby, Chris M. Perkins, David Kitko, John D. Carter, William M. Scheper, and Daryle H. Busch, “Olefin Epoxidation by the Hydrogen Peroxide Adduct of a Novel Non-heme Mangangese(IV) Complex: Demonstration of Oxygen Transfer by Multiple Mechanisms,” Inorganic Chemistry, 45 (8), 3467-74 (2006).
2. G. Yin, M. Buchalova, A. M. Danby, C. M. Perkins, D. Kitko, J. D. Carter, W, M. Scheper, D. H. Busch, “Olefin oxygenation by the hydroperoxide adduct of a non-heme manganese(IV) complex: epoxidations by a metallo-peracid produces gentle selective oxidations,” J. Am. Chem. Soc., Journal of the American Chemical Society, 127, 17170-17171 (2005).
3. X. Zuo, D. Mosha, S.J.Archibald, A.K. McCasland, A.M. Hassan, R.S.Givens, D.H.Busch, “Toward the soil poultice and a new separations methodology: Rebinding of macrocyclic metal complexes to molecularly imprinted polymers specifically templated via noncovalent interactions,” Journal of Coordination Chemistry (A.E.Martell issue), 58, 21-39 (2005).
4. Daryle H Busch, Templates in Chemistry, “First Considerations: Principles, Classification, and History,” Top. Curr. Chem., Springer-Verlag Berlin/Heidelberg, Vol 249, 1-65 (2005)
5. Ming Wei, Ghezai T. Musie, Daryle H. Busch, Bala Subramaniam, “Autoxidation of 2,6-0di-tert-butylphenol with cobalt Schiff base catalysts by oxygen in CO2-expanded liquids,” Green Chemistry, 6(8) 387-393 (2004).
6. Daryle H. Busch, Thomas Clifford, “Axle Molecules Threaded through Macrocycles,” Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Dekker Publishing, pp. 195-204, (2004).
7. Roman Davydov, James D. Satterlee, Hiroshi Fujii, Alexandrea Sauer-Masarwa, Daryle H. Busch, and Brian M. Hoffman, “A Superoxo-Ferrous State in a Reduced Oxy-Ferrous Hemprotein and Model Compounds,” J. Am. Chem. Soc., 125 (52) 16340-46 (2003).
8. M. Wei, G.T. Musie, D.H. Busch and B. Subramaniam, “CO2-Expanded Solvents: Unique and Versatile Media for Performing Homogeneous Catalytic Oxidations,” J. Am. Chem. Soc., 124, 2013-17 (2002).

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