Jin Zhang Ph.D.

Zhang, Jin
Position Department / Business Unit
Head, Zhang Research Group Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Institution Disciplines
University of California Chemistry
City State / Provence
Santa Cruz CA
Country Website
U.S.A. link
(831) 459-2935

Dr. Jin Zhang is Professor of Chemistry at the University of California - Santa Cruz (UCSC). He heads the Zhang Research Group, which has a primarily interested in the with an emphasis on optical and electronic nanomaterials (nanocrystals or quantom dots) of both semiconductors and metals.

The Zhang Group at USCS actively explores emerging technological applications of these advanced nanomaterials in areas such as solar energy conversion, hydrogen generation and storage, cancer biomarker detection, photocatalysis, sensors, imaging, detectors, and lasers.

A number of projects have been accomplished and several are currently under investigation. On-going projects include:
  1. Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) based on Au and Ag nanoparticles/aggregates and development of SERS sensors for chemical and biomedical detection with emphasis on cancer biomarkers including antigens and antibodies of ovarian and lung cancers.
  2. Ultrafast interfacial electron dynamics and surface modification of semiconductor nanoparticles: CdS, CdSe, CdTe, PbS, Ag2S, CuS. Biocnjugation of semiconductor quantum dots to proteins for biomedical detection based on photoluminescence
  3. Hydrogen generation and storage based on novel semiconductor, oxide, and metal nanostructures including nanowires and nanorods via photoelectrochemistry or photocatalysis.
  4. Photoluminescence and up-conversion luminescence of doped semiconductor nanoparticles: Mn2+ in Mn2+-doped ZnS, ZnSe, CdS nanoparticles
  5. Solar energy conversion based on dye, polymer, or quantum dot sensitized nanocrystalline TiO2 solar cells using conjugated polymers as solid electrolytes
  6. Hot electron relaxation in metal nanoparticles and nanoparticle aggregates: Ag, Au, Pd, and Pt
  7. Excited state dynamics and influence of biological substrates on photodrugs used for PDT (photodynamic therapy) modeled using micelles and reverse micelles


B.S., Fudan University, China; Ph.D., University of Washington


In 2005, Zhang received $535,000 in grants from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for his part in two research projects aimed at developing new technologies for the production and storage of hydrogen fuel using nanostructured materials.

Other Notable Awards

  • Member of the American Chemical Society; 1991-present
  • Member of the American Physical Society; 1988-present
  • Doering Chemistry Graduate Program (CGP) Fellowship, University of Washington, Seattle; 1984-85
  • Recipient of CGP Award by the Chinese Education Commission; 1983
  • Outstanding Student Award, Fudan University, China; 1983
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