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Chen, Zhan
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Dow Corning Associate Professor of Chemistry Department of Chemistry
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University of Michigan Chemistry
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Ann Arbor Michigan
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Dr. Chen is Dow Corning Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Michigan, where his research group focuses on exploring different surface restructuring behaviors of various polymer blends in water have been detected by SFG and AFM. Our research results demonstrate that SFG and AFM are powerful surface sensitive techniques to study how biopolymers and synthetic polymers can adhere to surface structures at the molecular level.

Understanding molecular surface/interface structures of polymers and proteins is important for many applications and processes, such as biomaterial design, anti-biofouling control, bio-adhesion, modern micro- and nano-electronic devices, nano-imprinting, and blood coagulation.

Substantial progress has been made to achieve understanding of molecular level structures of bulk proteins, due to improvements of modern analytical techniques, such as X-ray diffraction and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. However elucidation of molecular structures of proteins at interfaces is still a difficult task. In our group, detailed molecular structures of interfacial proteins at various interfaces in situ are being investigated using SFG, AFM and other techniques. For example, interfacial structural changes of factor XII after adsorption onto a surface is being studied to understand the molecular mechanism of blood coagulation initiation on foreign surfaces.

Interactions between mussel adhesive proteins and various polymer surfaces are being examined to help design effective fouling control/release coatings for vessels and equipment in the marine environment. Interfacial structures of various model proteins and their isotope labeled analogues are being investigated to validate SFG as a powerful technique to elucidate molecular structures of interfacial proteins. Structures of membrane proteins are also under study. At the same time, responses of biomedical polymer surfaces to water and various biological molecules are being explored, which provides important information for the deign of biomaterials with improved biocompatibility. In addition, surface structures of polymer coatings of biosensors have been elucidated.

In our group, we are also using SFG, AFM and other supplemental techniques to study buried interfaces involving polymer materials at the molecular level. For example, interfaces between various polymers and surfactants, self-assembled monolayers, as well as adhesion promoters have been investigated. Understanding the fundamentals of such interfacial structures is vital in many important applications including adhesion, coatings, nano-imprinting, surfactants, lithography, and liquid crystal displays. In addition, molecular details and kinetics of nano-diffusion have been elucidated in our group.

Research in our group also involves the application of SFG and AFM to study nano-materials. We are studying interfacial structures of poly (lactic acid) nano-fibrous tissue templates and their interactions with the human body. We hope that we can develop these nano-materials into next-generation scaffolds for tissue regeneration.


Dr. Chen has received the following awards

• 2004 National Science Foundation CAREER Award
• 2003-2006 Beckman Foundation Young Investigator Award
• 2003 Dow Corning Assistant Professorship

Important Articles


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